Why Us

Investor Relations Management

Our investor relations management affiliate, Investor Relations Management Co., guides clients through all of the investment phases, starting with the acquisition of the asset and continuing through enhancements and management. Its activities provide clients with professional services. It quickly responds to inquiries, provides frequent updates, and sends transparent account statements, all while maintaining direct communication with Vision & Beyond’s operations in the United States.

Identifying Properties

Identifying Properties Co. uses both Vision & Beyond’s wide network and American databases to locate potential “off market” properties, make inquiries to property owners, and find potential sellers.
The detection is carried out by a network of extensive connections in the activity areas, and proposals for property owners, locating potential sellers that have not yet decided to sell and analyze data from American databases. It also conducts risk assessments for each property, examining the profitability from a legal, physical, and economic perspective.

Construction Company

The company plans, oversees and performs the improvement in assets by employees and contractors of the company. The company manages the progress and quality of performance according to the budget and schedules of each project.

Supply of Building Materials

The company is a distribution and marketing arm in the field of building materials. The company provides its customers with a solution and solutions in the building industry. The company provides the building materials, products and items needed for each stage of construction and improvement. The company’s customers enjoy strong, availability and inventory power of purchase.

Asset Management Company

The company is responsible for the operation and management of the yield producing assets: the management of the property and its residents, populating and filtering the occupants, collecting the services, bookkeeping, and handling of the authorities. The group’s management company grants customers significant advantages and takes care of their interests in investing. The company effectively manages the properties, saves current expenses, thereby increasing the cash flow from the rental fee.

Maintenance and Handling

The company provides maintenance, operation and management services for residential buildings, office buildings and commercial buildings. Ongoing maintenance of the building ensures optimal use of the building and its systems. Among its broad range of services, the company provides its customers with services of handling the various building systems, preserving quality, appearance and functioning of the structure and ongoing maintenance.

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