Peter Gizunterman is more than a real estate entrepreneur in the United States. He has an all-embracing Real Estate Investment background with over ten years of experience. Peter has been the spearhead of income generating real estate projects in the United States for Vision and Beyond Group. His passion for real estate investing began during his tenure as an Investor Relations Manager at 2 Israeli-based investment firms that targeted and financed new construction in Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. Through hands on real estate acquisition and the likeminded entrepreneurial spirit of his childhood friend and future business partner, Stas Grinberg, Peter discovered his talent for real estate investing was far beyond average. Peter’s commitment to ethics, transparency and accountability coupled with his leadership skills and strong analytical skills have been paramount to the success of their organization. Peter continues to guide investor acquisitions during all phases, beginning with locating the assets, consulting on renovations and property management.

Peter currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, also home to the Vision and Beyond Capital Investments Corporate Offices. He is a graduate of the Military Command Academy of the Reali School in Haifa and serves as a Company Commander, with a rank of Major, in the Israel Defense Forces’ Paratroopers Brigade in the Army Reserves.