Secure investments from
a partner you can trust

At Vision & Beyond Capital Investments

We live in the markets in which we operate. This accords us first-hand knowledge and expertise of local economy and real estate. Couple that with a vertically integrated structure that allows us to control all phases of the operation, and you have a winning formula for creating successful investments.


We invest in yield-producing assets
with the potential for increased value. We purchase below market value, improve the asset through construction or renovation, then set rents on par with the market and maximize occupancy rates. This enables us to achieve the most profitable real estate investment opportunities for our partners.

Our Strategy to Maximizing Capital Gains and Returns on Investments

and acquire multifamily real estate in strategic locations in developing areas with growing demand. Our experience developing in urban economies is a key to our investment opportunities and success.
properties at below-market price.
and apply financing at favorable terms and rates.
or renovate at high standards, setting the stage for increased income per space.
rental rates to assure sustainable cash flow and strong yields.
high occupancy rates while continually working on leasing and rent collection.
and maintain property at high standards and control costs to effectively secure profitability.

In a regular course of economy and a healthy market, property value rises, resulting in successful exits after excellent cash flow and annual returns for our investors.

Securing Our Partnerships

We view our investors as partners. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we go through the investment journey together. It’s far more rewarding for us—and you—when we work as a team.

We believe in providing the security for our investors’ capital by applying the following legal and shareholding structure:

An LLC is jointly held by Vision & Beyond General Partners and investors, at equal profit terms and legal status. The LLC is the owner of the property in which each party owns shares on a pro-rata basis. Investors are represented by a trustee and individual ownership rights are personal and non-transferrable. Investors are eligible to receive returns on investments which are distributed quarterly.

Investment Routes

Every investor’s ambition is different.
This is why we adapt investment routes and terms to your particular financial profile and goals. Whether you’re an individual, corporate or institutional investor, we’ll work with you to create the right mix of desired property and financial structure.
Investors can invest according to:
Equity Investment
Investment through ownership and shareholding. Equity capital is invested in the property-owning company so that the number of shares allotted reflect the rate of the capital invested. Profits in the form of capital gains as well as annual returns on investments are distributed among shareholders, pro-rata.
Debt Investment
Investment through loans. Debt investments are secured by the assets. Throughout the loan term, the debt investor receives fixed quarterly interest payments on principal loaned to the property-owning company. Loan repayment occurs prior to equity withdrawal, and once the loan or investment term ends.