Investment strategy

“Real estate Investments” is a professional and complex field that requires a thorough understanding of the parameters according to which assets are measured and evaluated to discover investment opportunities.

Adding a value
(Value Add)

The investment business model is based on an investment in assets, “value add” when the goal is to find and purchase income-yielding assets that are partially or upgradeable to the occupancy.

The plan after the acquisition includes improvement and renovation, improving the percentage of occupancy in tenants, replacing rental contracts and raising the rent to a level similar to the market.

The rise of value in the property stems from a variety of factors:

  • Improving the property by renovating, solving problems in the building and upgrading the units and the shared space.
  • Populating the rental units that are accepted in the market and raising the rental fees to sustain – the cash flow will increase and yield higher profits, thus the value of the property will be higher.
  • Ongoing management and maintenance will be effective and economical in such a way that will significantly reduce the costs of the complex and significantly improve the profit line.

Income-yielding properties

The multi-family is a collection of rental apartments, owned by one, and has been used for many decades as a common form of living in a low-intermediate class. The accelerated development of the United States ‘ market has created extensive demand on the residents seeking a long-term rental solution.

The family’s homeland is awarded growth and is characterized by a great deal of intensity and dispersion between different types of investors: private, private and public companies that benefit from the diversity of portfolio, risk dispersal and opportunity to produce passive income over time. We consider these properties a potential for creating a significant value in long-term vision, in a manner appropriate to the investment policy and the distribution of investments of the company.

Geographic Focus

Real estate requires local expertise, focus and sectoral knowledge.
It is necessary to recognize the neighborhoods, the population, development plans and areas with potential for improvement. The group specializes in the Cincinnati Ohio region, and the presence and grip of the field manages to produce control and control over the factors involved in the real estate investment process.

Investment Period

The correct combination of different investment periods allows for time risks, which can manifest in the form of crises development in the real estate market.
We allow our customers to invest through capital and debt in a variety of investments that combine medium-long, high-risk periods that produce stability in investment, present the risks and produce stable cash flow.

Vision & Beyond